Program Basics

The program is available in all countries.

Once you become an official Sahara Net Reseller, you will be able to sell all products available in our online store.

Sahara Net Resellers can sell to SMB,Enterprize & business organizations. For opportunities above 750 employees or government establishments, please associate with your channel supervisor, as these require a special pricing structure approval from Sahara Net management.

Yes. Once resellers are authorized, they can register deals with us. However, customers are always free to choose the partner they want to work with.

Role of a Sahara Net Reseller

Partners are a basic segment of the customer experience and enable us to meet customer demand globally. We depend on our partners to provide 1) local customer relationships and expertise 2) customized reach and 3) a wide arrangement of complementary services.

Partners provide basic services that allow customers to take maximum advantage of Sahara Net products & services, ease the initial setup, migration, customization, and ongoing user experience.

Our entire program is designed to place our partners responsible for the client relationship, from billing and pricing to support, customized services, and communications. Our focus is on building a best-in-class product and enabling our partners to deliver a best-in-class experience.

No. G Suite incorporates a modular set of services that are designed to be utilized together or freely with different applications and frameworks. We have particularly included interoperability support for popular systems from Microsoft® and others.

Building Your Business on G Suite

Moving to the cloud solutions often means lower absolute margins , but increases the importance of partner services, e.g., consultation, data migration, and change management. Lower licensing costs increase the customer’s available budget for partner services, with a lower overall delivery cost for our partners.

No. Your investment in Sahara Net products & solutions can scale with customer interest and adoption. We do expect partners to invest some time upfront in product and sales training.

You can find initial training materials on sales, deployment programs through your Channel Manager.

You provision purchases for your clients directly in your Reseller Console. You additionally give your client the bill for the services you are providing, as Sahara Net not responsible for that. We offer both pre-pay (one-time payment) and post-pay (monthly) billing options. For every product / service  you add to your console we will charge you a discounted rate according to your bundle plan and  billing preferences indicated at the end of the month. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Once you have accepted partner terms and are approved, you can download the contract within your Partner Console. You can also download your partner contract at anytime after the initial acknowledgment by clicking the “Terms and Conditions” link located at the bottom of any page in your console.

Service Levels and Support

It is the partner choice to be the front line support for their customers, including this in their overall bundle of offerings. The support link in a customer’s administrator control panel can even be customized with your contact information.

After utilizing the online resources available, resellers free to contact Sahara Net support team for second-level support as required. Partners also have the choice to escalate technical issues to the Sahara Net customer care team at their discretion. Note that Sahara Customer Care will not provide this support directly to the end customer, as this is a service opportunity for our partners.

There are a few fundamental contracts that cover the SLA between Sahara Net, the partner, and the customer.

Sahara Net and Reseller: The Partner agreement between Sahara Net and Partner characterizes the joint obligations of reselling. Including the support obligations that Sahara Net bears regarding Reseller’s use of the Partner Console.

Partner and Customer: The Partner signs a Partner-Customer agreement which characterizes the billing and payment terms, complementary products or services around Sahara Net products and services or extra conditions.