What do I get?

The Partner Console enables partners to create and manage customers accounts, manage ordering across different products, and directly manage support cases with customers.

Partners receive sales, marketing, and deployment training, for both technical and non-technical roles.

Partners gain access to Sahara Net Cloud solutions which includes a partner portal with frequently updated tools and collateral for sales, marketing, and deployment, including  provincially particular materials.

Partners receive an official branding KIT and material to use in sales and marketing campaigns.

Partner receives full support to get assistance from on-boarding to resolving customer issues.

What is expected of me?

Lead generation and outreach activities to assemble an effective client base, leveraging local networks and expanding existing relationships.

Provide your customers with unique values such as consulting, counseling, training, support, vendor coordination, security management, mobile device management.

Partners maintain full ownership of the billing relationship. We will issue an invoice towards the end of each month with the license usage charges for your customers providing flexibility to bundle together different items and services.

Continue to grow with Sahara Net Cloud

Becoming a Platinum Partner provides you with many advantages, including expanded engagement, visibility, and exclusive sales and marketing opportunities. This partnership level requires demonstrated competency in Sahara Cloud through consistent customer achievement, an investment in subject matter professionals, and joint marketing.

Post-sales and support activities help the customers adopting their deployed products and discovering chances to enhance their solution by upselling on the latest complementary Sahara Cloud solutions (e.g. 1ERP, VPS, Shared Hosting, Cloud Backup).

How do I become a partner?

Applying to the program will require to register and setup your reseller account, access Sahara Net online Marketplace where you can select, modify, customize bundles for all the products accessible to your customer.

To qualify for the Partner program, you must have one dedicated sales and one presales trained by Sahara Net and have potential ready business to close within one month.

Advance purchase on discounted prices is available.Credit facility available for selected and approved partner only. This is subject to management’s discretion. It would be ideal if you address your Channel Manager to investigate extra..